Maradee Wahl Answers Your Fashion Questions About the Bridal Market

With more than 20 years of experience, I provide every styling need from shopping for the perfect gown to attending to the bride on her wedding day. Each month, I’ll be sharing helpful tips on Inside Weddings – based on questions from real brides!

For my premier post, I discuss a question often asked by brides-to-be following Bridal Fashion Week in New York City. The vast number of wedding dress images seen on social media pique a number of brides’ interests, but not all women are aware of the runway-to-wedding timeline.

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The First Steps to Take When Choosing a Wedding Dress

Last month, I shared my first Dear Maradee post with Inside Weddings, offering helpful tips for brides desiring more information about bridal market and the timeline of a bridal gown’s journey from the runway to the rack at your favorite bridal salon.

This month, I discuss a question often pondered by brides almost immediately following their engagement: how to get started finding their dream gown.

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