Maradee Wahl: Brides - Amanda, May 2015

From the moment I first met Maradee, she was a beacon of heavenly light, that was suddenly bestowed on my wedding planning experience. And this is no exaggeration! Amanda,December 2016

Prior to meeting Maradee, I had no idea that a bridal stylist was a possibility, or that the profession existed. But once I heard of everything Maradee had to offer, I simply knew I would need her help the most. Maradee curated all of my outfits for the customary wedding related events such as the shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, and even bachelorette party! She also helped find the perfect thing to wear for my grandmother and two sisters too. If fate could have brought us together sooner, she would definitely have helped picked out my wedding gown too.

One particularly meaningful moment was when Maradee found my dream reception dress, a light pink Prabal, that I had been swooning over on my Pinterest page for almost a year. I never thought it would be possible to find this dress, and I certainly didn’t think it was possible to buy anymore, nor could I afford it I was sure. I nearly wept tears of joy when she found my Prabal gown for the reception, and at 70% off! Getting married was a dream come true already, but this was simply Cloud 9 type of material.

For me, Maradee wasn’t only a stylist, she was a team mate. She was by my side and always kept my best interests at heart. Maradee provides her honest opinion, in the kindest of ways. In the wedding planning process, I often felt pulled in many directions with competing desires from everyone involved in the process. But not Maradee! My agenda was her agenda, and she made me feel that I was her #1 priority and that I had everything I needed. She only wanted what was best for me, at the right price, in my style. I feel tremendously lucky to have met Maradee and worked with her on my wedding. She is an absolute joy and she delivers! From the outfit finding all the way to last minute day-of needs, Maradee consistently saves the day!

Photograph by Meghan Kay Sadler Photography