To put it simply, Maradee is a lifesaver! Roxanne,July 2014

My story starts 7 days before my wedding when my wedding dress tailor decided to walk out on me. . .The very next day, in a complete panic, I went to the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue bridal store to beg for their help. They kindly and with sympathy told me that they could not help (store policy) but that they had a wonderful person they could refer me to. Enter the lovely Maradee Wahl!

​The kind lady at Saks called Maradee while I was in the store and explained to her my situation, to which Maradee said she could absolutely help! The moment I got on the phone with Maradee I was immediately put at ease. She explained to me her extensive and highly impressive background in bridal and assured me that when I came to her the next day she would find a solution!

​The next day I met with Maradee and was completely blown away at her attention to detail, her patience, her concern for how I was feeling and her breadth of knowledge. She took the time to figure out what was wrong with my dress then explained to me what exactly had happened and how she was going to fix it! I left my dress with her that day knowing with full confidence that she was going to take care of everything, and, as a matter of fact, within five days I had a perfect dress, completely pressed, and back in my possession! Maradee had taken my dress apart and repaired it so well that no one at the wedding knew there was ever a problem with it!

​My biggest regret is not finding her sooner!! If I could do this all over again, I would hire Maradee for everything, from bridal dress shopping to styling the day of the wedding. She is a genuinely caring person with immaculate taste and attention to detail, a rare combination of qualities to find in one person. She went out of her way to make sure that my dress was perfect on the day of the wedding and her help is something I will never forget! Thank you Maradee!