Maradee Wahl: Brides - Kriss, December 2013

Last Sunday I celebrated my one year anniversary. As I looked at my wedding pictures again, I couldn't believe how blessed I was to find Maradee. Kriss,December 2013

Your dress, how you look, your pictures… in my opinion, everything can go wrong, BUT THAT! You want to look beautiful, elegant, timeless…Thank God for Maradee!

Let me start from the beginning: I wasn’t going to walk into Carolina Herrera (on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles) because I thought it was going to be way over my budget. But I couldn’t resist and did anyway. I didn’t have an appointment, but there was a cancellation and Maradee asked if I needed any help. I told her I was just looking and she said no problem and offered me a glass of champagne.

​As I admired a dress, Maradee casually mentioned that it was ON SALE. (I asked for another glass of champagne.) I couldn’t believe it. I’m from California, so this whole “last season thing” is foreign to me. After Maradee swore to me that she wasn’t kidding, I tried on the dress… and fell in love. It was beautiful. But it was off the shoulder and I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable unless I was wearing a bra with straps. One ambitious dance move and things could get crazy. Fortunately, Maradee came up with a wonderful way to make it work. She draped the dress so I’d have a shoulder strap and I loved the dress even more… and so did my husband. Talk about couture!

And one more little thing…I told Maradee that my wedding was two months away! After she caught her breath, she said, “Well, we better get busy.” The dress was delivered to my house four hours before I got on a plane to Seattle, where my wedding took place. Maradee also gave me suggestions for my shoes, jewelry, bouquet and hair. I took her up on all of them.

You can see the final results in my wedding picture. I don’t plan on ever getting married again…but when I renew my vows…or get nominated for that EMMY or OSCAR…Maradee’s one of the first calls I’m making!

(But then again, I may just wear my wedding dress. That is, if I don’t gain any more weight. Ladies, marriage puts the pounds on you. First year, I spent cuddled up on the couch, with my hubby eating and drinking all in the name of love. You’ve been warned! — Back to the gym I go!)

​Maradee blessed me! And she’ll bless you too!