Maradee Wahl: Brides - Heidi, March 2008

When I got married, I'd already been a wedding planner for 10 years so I was confident that I knew exactly what I wanted for the celebration…but the dress was another story. Heidi, Owner of Red 25 Events,March 2008

Laura Kleinhenz at Docuvitae

​I wanted to accent my curves, but not look TOO curvy…I wanted something modern but not sharp…and I was certain that no bra in the world existed that could allow me to look sexy and modest at the same time.  ​My first stop was visiting my friend and long time colleague, Maradee, at Carolina Herrera.

I slipped into the first dress she showed me – and that was it…mainly because Maradee was right behind me saying, “we can tuck this in here…and give the top more coverage…and the lace can be ivory…etc etc.” I knew she could make it work…and she did! She “got me” right from the start, was my alterations advocate all throughout, and even managed to fit the dress so perfectly that I got away with not wearing a bra which I NEVER thought would be possible.

I’m THRILLED that she has launched her lovely (and much needed) little company as I know thousands of brides will benefit from her expertise and save themselves time, money, and frustration.