Maradee Wahl: Brides - Jamie, August 2007

My married girlfriends used to always reassure me that I would just know one day when I finally found 'the one.' I’m talking about the dress, not the guy! What I had not planned on was finding 'the one' bridal stylist who possessed every trait and sensibility that a bride is searching for. Maradee Wahl was 'the one' for me. Jamie,August 2007

Yvette Roman Photography

When my time came to shop for my wedding dress, I already knew that I wanted a Carolina Herrera wedding gown. I had two days to shop for a dress with my mom who was in town visiting from back east. From the moment I called Maradee to make that first appointment to the magical moment she clipped me into the sample gown, I felt comfortable, safe and well taken care of. I immediately sensed that she knew what dress worked for my body, and understood my style and image for my wedding day. It was the whole package.

​On that first meeting, Maradee went above and beyond for my Mom and me. My mom was leaving the next day to head home, and Maradee offered to stay at the store late, so my mom and I could come back again to try on the wedding gown that I was considering. As Maradee predicted, my mom and I called her right before closing, saying that we would love to see the dress one more time.

​As night fell, and I walked up to the Carolina Herrera store, I already felt so incredibly lucky to have met Maradee. But it was when I was dressed in the gown, and she put the veil on my head to just “see what it all looks like” that I knew I had found “the ones.” I am so incredibly grateful to Maradee for her assistance, expertise, guidance and friendship!