I don't know where to begin in showcasing and commending Maradee on everything that she does! She's been in the wedding industry for decades and left the big corporate world to work with brides directly, and thank goodness she did! Jennifer,December 2016

To start with, alterations. My dress needed a lot of work done both bringing in the hips and shortening a complicated train. Maradee did such a wonderful job that people asked me if my dress was custom made! Fit me beautifully and contributed to me feeling as beautiful as every bride wants to feel on her wedding day.

Fashion and accessories: Maradee has a blog that I highly recommend any brides-to-be:

Visit her blog where she gives a lot of advice on matching the dress to yourself and the venue; how not to over-do the embellishing (as tempting as it is!).

DAY OF SERVICES: I scoffed and thought this service was excessive, and “so LA”. THANK GOODNESS I freaked out the week before the wedding and she was still available!! Maradee came to the rescue not only for me, but for the groom, bridesmaids, my flower girls, the groomsmen, you name it. She has interns who are trying to learn from her and having both of them there was a comfort and a necessity. She has a travel steamer!

She’s fastidious, professional and knows so much about weddings and ceremonies, it was like having a live Google search engine to answer all of our questions on how this was suppose to be done, and helping us get it done quickly, efficiently and correctly.

And she was so doting, she came prepared with straws and breath mints! I’m following her on Facebook now and can’t get enough. She’s a total sweetheart and I wish her all the very best. I’m jealous of the future brides-to-be who are going to get to work with such a beautiful soul!

Photograph by Crisman Studios