Having worked in the fashion industry my whole career, my wedding dress was by far the most important aspect of my wedding! Leore,December 2016

I had a very specific vision of what I wanted and how I wanted to look and feel on my special day, but I unfortunately faced a few bumps in the road with my entire wedding dress process, until I met Maradee!

I purchased my gown at a bridal salon in New York, however I relocated to Los Angeles shortly before getting married, and thus was not able to utilize their alteration services. Not only that, after anxiously anticipating the arrival of my gown for 6 months, it arrived at my door, only to look quite different than the sample I had fallen in love with….

After panicking for 24 hours, the bridal salon put me in contact with Maradee who literally saved not only my dress, but also my sanity! Immediately after meeting Maradee, I could tell she was an expert tailor with impeccable taste, as well as having a kind, calm, positive demeanor, that every bride needs in her life!

I must have had 8 fittings over the span of 3 months to ensure my dress fit me to perfection- up until the week before my wedding. Maradee literally took apart my beautiful gown (several times I might add!), to fix pattern mistakes and imperfections from the dress itself.

In addition to Maradee’s impeccable alterations- she was nothing short of my hero on my wedding day. At first when she offered her services to assist me on my wedding day, I thought, what could possibly go wrong?

I had never thought about hiring assistance for my dress on my wedding day. However, after my mother came with me to the first fitting with Maradee, it was immediately evident that my dress needed its own handler!

There is no way I could have gotten through my day without her- she played an equally important role in my wedding day to my wedding planner and florist. From delivering my gown first thing in the morning, to steaming all of the bridesmaids’ dresses and sewing an additional strap on my sister’s dress at the 11th hour, and doing a last minute hem on my dress, she did everything to ensure my day ran smooth and perfect!

The day of my wedding was incredibly windy, and my cathedral length veil had a mind of its own. Maradee was with me every step of the way, particularly during the photos when I wanted to look perfect, but had gale force winds in my face.

The reality is, the photographers, wedding planners and family do not have the ability to make sure the bride looks completely perfect and feels comfortable the entire day- this is where Maradee is crucial! Brides, I promise you, if you have spent a year planning your wedding and have thought about this day for many years like I did- do yourself a favor and hire Maradee to assist you on your wedding day!! It will be the best decision you ever made.

Photograph by Jessica Claire Photography