Maradee Wahl: Brides - Regina, January 2003

I'm thrilled for every bride who will now have the same incredible experience I had! Thinking back at working with you for my own wedding I realize that you have that very special gift that combines expertise, passion, COMpassion, and style. Regina,January 2003

What really made it all so much more wonderful was that you listened! You paid attention to my wants and needs throughout the entire journey. . . including my make up, my walk down the aisle, and the futzing during the photos!

You not only understood how I felt, you also understood the things I could not express. I think every bride has a vision of their wedding dress, but you were able to bring even more vision to our entire day. And lives!

Your custom design took into account all I had imagined and then some. You were there every step of the way encouraging me, relaxing me, and breathing with me. Many dresses are pretty, my dress was beautiful. Because I felt beautiful in it.

​Bridal Gown Designed by Maradee xoxo