My husband and I both feel that Maradee was the best money we spent on our wedding. We truly do not know what we would have done without her. Roxane,December 2016

I was referred to Maradee by the Mark Ingram Atelier where I purchased my gown. I made several changes to my wedding dress, which resulted in a very complicated bustle that a normal person would not be able to manage. Thankfully, I was given Maradee’s contact information and was assured that she would be able to help me with it on my wedding day.

Prior to my wedding day, I had no idea how important it would be to have her there. On the day of my wedding, Maradee arrived with Rachel, and the two of them were angels who seemed to magically have a solution for everything. They were so incredibly sweet and lovely and were by my side the whole day, keeping me calm and making sure everything was the way it should be. Not only did they perfectly bustle my dress, but they helped tie bowties, steam dresses, helped us pose for pictures, fixed several issues my husband had with his shirt and bowtie, and much more! We actually had many different wardrobe malfunctions that they fixed instantly.

In between the ceremony and the reception, my photographer insisted that my husband and I take some pictures on the beach in the sand. It was windy and messy, but Maradee and Rachel had everything necessary to ensure that we would arrive back at our reception without a grain of sand on our feet or our clothing. My favorite moment was when, out of their bag, they pulled out the perfect white platform flip flops for me to wear and afterwards they even fixed my wind blown hair!

After my wedding, several of my bridesmaids contacted me just to let me know how much she had helped them and how wonderful she was! My husband and I both feel that Maradee was the best money we spent on our wedding. We truly do not know what we would have done without her. My only wish is that I had found her earlier in my wedding planning process. Thank you so much Maradee!

The mother of the bride, Mrs. Cohanim, also says. . .

My daughter insisted on having Maradee Wahl present at her wedding to help her with her dress. I thought I could have done the job just as well. But on the day of, I was nervous, busy and looking after other things and I was so grateful that Maradee was there. She took care of not only my daughter, assisting her with all the layers of her dress, giving her platform flip flops to take photos at the beach, brainstorming at the last moment as she realized that the dress was too long and the bride was stepping on it as she was about to walk down the aisle… But she also found a way to help every groomsman with his bow tie, as well as the best man, and the father of the bride. We could not have done it without her! We cannot recommend her highly enough! I wish I had not been so scattered on the day of the wedding and had expressed my appreciation to her personally… Thank you so much Maradee!!!

Michael Segal Photography