Maradee Wahl: Your Bridal Stylist - Los Angeles

Maradee is the BEST. Sydney,August 2015

We hate to shop. All of us. Me, the bride, and my husband. But Maradee made it all so easy! The bridal gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses, and even my husband’s suit. Everything was done right and looked great.

Not to mention that she was a super-hero on the day. I don’t know what we would have done without her as we got ready. She was calm and cool as she steamed or ironed each suitcase-wrinkled bridesmaids’ dress, the groom’s Tux, and my husband’s suit. One of the groomsmen showed up with his pants un-hemmed — Maradee to the rescue. Another groomsmen forgot his belt — Maradee to the rescue. The groom stepped on the bride’s train — Maradee to the rescue. Helping the bride with her gown in the restroom — Maradee to the rescue. We never even knew about all of the “wardrobe malfunctions” because she took care of them before they were an issue.

She also made sure the bride’s gown was perfectly positioned in all the pictures, and she held the train as the bride and groom walked from one location to the next. She plucked a parasol from her bag and shaded us so we wouldn’t overheat or get sunburned during the pre-ceremony photos (this made for some great photos, as well). Even feeding the bride the perfect snack between the photos and the ceremony — yes, Maradee actually had that covered too.

Maradee was absolutely awesome, and she let us enjoy the day without worrying about anything. We never could have done it without her.

Laurie (Mother of the Bride)