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Walking Down the Aisle in Style

Get my styling advice from Inside Weddings  this week. I’m getting to the bottom of a concern amongst many brides-to-be: what are the rules when it comes to walking down the aisle? While there are a number of traditions one can choose to follow, I explain my tips for getting down the aisle in style – from the moment a bride makes her entrance to the point when she meets her beloved at the altar.

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Carissa Moore Tries on Bridal Gowns- See If She Found the “One”

The wildly successful professional surfer, Carissa Moore, has another exciting life event to celebrate: she’s getting married to her longtime boyfriend next year. Luke Untermann popped the question to the three-time world champion using photos from their relationship and spelling out “Will you marry me?” with rope lights. Fitting for a surfer, she and her beau will wed in Hawaii, which means it is important for her to find the perfect dress for their beachy bohemian nuptials.

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Why You Need a Bridal Stylist on Your Team

Your wedding consultant will help you choose professionals for every other aspect of the wedding – the photographer, caterer, musicians, and florist are all carefully selected to ensure your guests are treated to a memorable experience – but many times the assistance of a professional stylist is overlooked, or presented as an afterthought. The style of the bride and bridal party sets the tone of the entire wedding, and choosing the perfect gown is one of the most important parts of planning your celebration!

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress (& More!)

The perfect wedding gown is one that displays the ultimate expression of the bride’s personality. The gown sets the tone for the whole wedding, including the bride’s memory of the day! When a bride first tries on her perfect gown, she suddenly stops thinking about her shopping decision; she instead begins to think about the actual wedding, visualizing the life change she is about to make. This is why brides often get emotional when they find The One.

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Maradee Wahl Answers Your Fashion Questions About the Bridal Market

With more than 20 years of experience, I provide every styling need from shopping for the perfect gown to attending to the bride on her wedding day. Each month, I’ll be sharing helpful tips on Inside Weddings – based on questions from real brides!

For my premier post, I discuss a question often asked by brides-to-be following Bridal Fashion Week in New York City. The vast number of wedding dress images seen on social media pique a number of brides’ interests, but not all women are aware of the runway-to-wedding timeline.

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The First Steps to Take When Choosing a Wedding Dress

Last month, I shared my first Dear Maradee post with Inside Weddings, offering helpful tips for brides desiring more information about bridal market and the timeline of a bridal gown’s journey from the runway to the rack at your favorite bridal salon.

This month, I discuss a question often pondered by brides almost immediately following their engagement: how to get started finding their dream gown.

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