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"Perhaps the most fundamental element of the wedding day celebration is the bride’s wedding day look. That’s why Maradee was an absolute must-have; from bridal gown shopping to her saving my wedding day, working with Maradee was simply a dream. Her one-of-a-kind expertise coupled with her delightful personality together seamlessly realized a magical experience I am forever grateful for.

Indeed, hiring Maradee was certainly the wisest decision I made throughout the planning process; the results speak for themselves. Like many brides-to-be, I had all these ideas and looks percolating. With Maradee’s shopping and styling assistance, we were able to curate my dream wedding day look. When it came to my wedding in Napa, Maradee and her team were absolutely flawless in their execution—handling everything with ease in such a graceful manner. Having my bridal ensemble properly transported to the destination wedding location helped alleviate stress. On the day of, Maradee expertly steamed my gown, overskirt, and veil—ensuring the presentation of my bridal look was picture perfect. Maradee and her team were incredibly helpful insofar that they not only steamed Sam’s tuxedo but also made certain family members’ formal outfits were pristine for portrait shots. They were also readily available to style and assist during each bride and groom photo session; really, their presence was essential throughout the entire wedding day. Maradee even made a few last-minute sewing adjustments to my gown. In doing so, my gown fit me perfectly on my wedding day—most importantly, the moment right before I walked down the aisle.

Looking back, I don’t know what I would’ve done without Maradee there on my wedding day. For brides-to-be wondering what they can do to ensure a stress-free, ideal bridal gown experience on their special day—hiring Maradee is the answer. Maradee is magic. She truly is Maradee Poppins!"

Cheryl & Sam


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duke images

Meagan & drew

"If you're sitting here wondering if you need Maradee for your wedding day the answer is 100%, undeniably- YES! Maradee had come highly recommended by my wedding planner. I first hired her for my dress fittings only, but after we saw how amazing she was, we hired her for the wedding day as well.

Hiring Maradee was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day. Maradee literally saved my day and night a few different times. It wasn't until I was wearing my wedding dress for a couple of hours for photos that I realized the inner corset was poking me so hard, it was cutting into my skin and so painful. Maradee literally sewed in a pad on the spot to keep it from hurting me further. A groomsman's button popped off of his tuxedo seconds before he had to walk down the aisle. Maradee and her team literally sewed a button on while he was walking to the stairs to get to the aisle. I had sleeves that Maradee sewed onto my dress to make sure they wouldn't pop off and cut them off before the reception.

My family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding planner, makeup artist, hair stylist, and just about everyone else was completely in awe of Maradee and her team. Maradee and her team are absolute wonders and their talent, hard work, attention to detail, and dedication to making your day absolutely amazing from start to finish is something I haven't seen in a stylist before. I would hire her for every big event I have! 100/10 stars!!!" 

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"Maradee does not miss a single step! From the first look book to the big weekend, she went above and beyond to ensure the looks were perfect, (often, even doing things that are not even a part of her job). Maradee is invaluable, and quickly became much more than a bridal stylist – she is now a dear friend, a partner, and one of the major reasons I was able to enjoy the wedding while looking and feeling my best.

She is beyond organized, thorough, creative, and so much more! Not to mention, her fashion sense is beyond! She held my hand through it all and trust me there were many obstacles to overcome. There is no wedding without Maradee! She makes it all happen! Truly, I can’t imagine any big event without Maradee by my side! My styling guru, fairy godmother, and queen!"

walker studios

alex & alex

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brandon kidd

"My wish for every bride is for them to have Maradee as part of their team. For starters, Maradee's knowledge and experience in bridal fashion is second-to-none and having her as my advocate during fittings was intricate to my ultimate happiness with my gown. Come wedding weekend, she and her team blew me away. Whatever I wanted, needed or desired, would magically appear out of thin air! From ensuring I was hydrated pre-ceremony to hanging and packing my gown long after I had changed into my second look, Maradee's services were invaluable to making my special day go as smoothly as possible. I cannot recommend her enough!"

kendra & garrison

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"After seeing Maradee in action at one of my best friend's weddings, I knew from the beginning of planning that we had to have her. My mom and I started out by inquiring about day-of services only, but it quickly turned into a full-scale effort and we realized early on that her unique skill set was something we desperately needed. Maradee helped with styling not only myself, my mother, husband to be and bridesmaids. She helped us navigate how to purchase a wedding gown in a peak COVID environment, working quickly to ensure we had the first appointments as salons re-opened so that we could find and order a dress in time for the big day. She always takes care to lay out options, really listening to every comment to ensure every detail is perfect. Never once did I feel like Maradee was pushing her own style or agenda; she just works to help you bring your own vision to life. She was there with me from start to finish, carefully combing over every detail of my dress and overall wedding style.

I was really struggling with the aesthetic and look for my bridesmaids. After one 15 minute conversation, she was able to take a jumbled and non-sensical description and turn it into a design that was better than what I could have even imagined. Hiring Maradee and her team, and then hiring her multiple times over, was the easiest and best decision we ever made! Her and her team of fairy godmothers were always there with helping hands, sometimes even before anyone even asked for a hand. Helpful doesn’t even begin to describe their role. I had the pleasure of working with Maradee for over two years – she is a wonderful human being. I am so thankful to have had the chance to meet her. "

Leslie & John

brogen jessup

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jenna & andrew

"My daughter had 13 Bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen in her wedding. Just as I was thinking of how stressful the day would become the doorbell rang and in came Maradee. From that moment on things became truly magical. From the way she presented all the bridesmaids dresses, the way she actually repaired my bustle, to the way she repaired a hole in one of my daughter’s dresses; it all simply seemed like a very fun day instead of allowing stress to set in.

 As we got closer to “game time”, every time she whisked by me, Maradee was working her magic on some one and some element of our magnificent wedding. I have two more daughters who I hope someday I will be able to throw a beautiful wedding for. I promise you that the VERY FIRST call I make will be to assure that I have Maradee by my side. She was the absolute best gift I could have given myself that day."

Thank you Maradee!!!!!

samuel lippke studios

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"Maradee Wahl might just be the MVP of the wedding world. From my first fitting to my reception wardrobe change, she was there every step of the way with a wise word, helping hand, and warm hug. No detail was too small, or request too large for her and her team. I had two gowns for my wedding, and I cannot imagine navigating the fitting process had Maradee not been by my side at every appointment. She expertly guided the tailor to make subtle but important adjustments, and even helped me select the finishing touches with my shoes and jewelry. 

Perhaps where I was most thankful to have her by my side was on the wedding day. Not only was she a calming presence and ensured all of the details of my wardrobe were perfectly prepped and organized, but she also came to the rescue with a last minute styling emergency. After getting into my dress the day of the wedding, I decided that it was still missing a finishing touch of something at the waist. Maradee worked her magic and produced a small selection of ribbon sashes, one of which made my wedding look even more personalized and special. She even sewed it onto my gown while I was wearing it! 

From the fit, to the styling, and helping ensure I looked picture perfect for my wedding portraits, I am so thankful to have had Maradee there to hold my hand throughout the process and take all of the stress out of the day."

steve steinhardt

hannah & steve

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marilyn &collin

"My only regret in wedding planning was that I didn't find Maradee sooner.
Planning, canceling, and rescheduling a wedding due to the Covid-19 pandemic was stressful. At times, I didn't know how many guests we would be able to have or if we would have to change venues. However, I knew I would look and feel my best because of Maradee and her alterationist, Orsolina and that Maradee and her team were reliable and trustworthy.

As someone with a bigger bust, I knew I wasn't going to be able to buy a dress straight off the rack. Maradee's passion, energy, and body positivity made me feel safe and supported. She created beautiful look books to help me select clothing for bridal events, some I turned my nose up to and then ended up selecting (trust her!). Maradee and her team are quick, efficient, and discreet. On our wedding day, it rained (Que Alanis Morrisette), and her assistant whipped-out sole protectors from my husband's shoes so he wouldn't slip on the wet concrete. It was so lovely to know I wouldn't have to pull family members from the festivities or miss part of my reception to have the origami of dress bustling done. I casually mingled with guests and ate lamb chops while my dress was bustled!

So yes, my dress was altered impeccably, and my wedding day look was flawless, but I can't emphasize enough that what Maradee does is not simply about clothes or shopping. It's having your best friend and fairy godmother rolled into one as you navigate what hopefully is one of the best days of your life. I can't recommend her services enough."


jonathan canlas

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Lindsay & Jason

"My husband and I got engaged in February of 2020 - one month before the world shut down. Eager and excited to plan our wedding, we couldn't anticipate all the hardships to come during COVID with finding vendors, wedding dress shopping, photographers, booking/touring venues and more. The thought of shopping and finding my wedding dress was so overwhelming, especially since so many stores were closed or had strict COVID restrictions. Enter my knight in shining armour, Maradee Wahl!!

Maradee is a true professional and expert when it comes to sourcing exactly what her clients want. She listened attentively to all my style notes, inspiration and needs and put together a thorough (and completely PERFECT) presentation of wedding dresses that aligned with my personal style. Maradee's connections in the industry are unmatched - she booked ALL our wedding dress appointments at various stores across Los Angeles with top stylists, selected dresses at each place and when I found "the one," she handled all the logistics with finding the perfect tailor. She also attended all appointments and was right there with me on my wedding day. I truly don't know what I would've done without her!!"

betsy newman photography

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Jessica & Kenneth

There’s a reason there is a wedding anthem “Here Comes the Bride”. The most monumental part of a wedding day is the bride, and arguably the second most monumental part of a wedding day is the Mother-of-the-Bride. 

The pressure of knowing this, coupled with being entrenched in the beginning of a global pandemic, was a lot to navigate. Meeting Maradee was the life line we needed. Without having Maradee we never would have been able to secure dress appointments, let alone even start the process to potentially have a dress in time.

Hiring Maradee was the greatest decision I made during the wedding planning process. Between 2 delays, 3 different wedding dates, and finally choosing a dress, Maradee was the one constant I could always count on. It didn’t matter how many managers we went through at the store I bought my dress from, alterations crises, or what other surprises came up, Maradee was always the calming voice who had the answer for everything, and if she didn’t, she made you believe she did and everything would be fixed. 

I was never the bride who had the dream wedding dress in mind. I may have been the most unsure bride of what I wanted my dress to look like. It’s an overwhelming process since most of us have never worn a dress that compares to your wedding dress. No matter how unsure I was, how difficult it was with all of the COVID-19 restrictions, (we all look amazing in dresses with masks and gloves on and loved ones on FaceTime), Maradee promised one thing the entire time: “if you can just imagine and trust me, I promise your dress will be perfect”. Well, she was right. After combining two dress ideas, Maradee brought my dream dress to life!

Maradee came into play once again when it came to the Mother-of-the-Bride dress. After discussing virtually a few dress ideas, my mom and I found a dress that I dreamt of seeing my Mom wear. We sent it to Maradee and this is where Maradee truly earned her nickname of Magic Maradee. Some may call her Maradee Poppins, but we gave her a new earned nickname. Maradee put all of her resources to use and found the last one of this dress and had it flown to LA. The entire experience was a dream.

Maradee’s expertise came in hand one more time and she had all of these ideas on how to change the dress to make it one of a kind for my Mom. It was PERFECTION! 

I can’t speak enough of how amazing it was to have Maradee there on the wedding day. No matter how many fittings you have, something can always happen. On the wedding day Maradee and her team steamed my dress and my veil, prepped my Mom’s dress and helped all of the wedding party look their best. Having Magic Maradee there was the best as I had one dress snafu during pictures. Maradee said "don’t stress, it can be fixed". Boy was she right! As we were walking from one spot to the next, Maradee was able to sew my dress while walking to make sure it was perfect! Let’s just say it was! 

As I reflect on my big day, I don’t know what I would have done without Maradee through the entire process. Whether it was advice for my wardrobe, or just getting to know her, she is a dream to work with!

For all brides-to-be, the first line item on a budget spreadsheet should be Maradee! It is the best spent money out there! Magic Maradee is the best way to ensure a fun, stress free wedding day! She is SIMPLY. THE. BEST! 

brett hickman photography

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Maradee was singlehandedly the most instrumental part of our wedding day flowing smoothly and I cannot imagine any step of the process without her. My family all lives out of state and my mother and I had started shopping for wedding dresses on weekend trips together, but found we never really knew where to begin and it was challenging to narrow focus with so many options condensed into two-day stints together.

 When we began working with Maradee, it was a total game changer. The level of professionalism, polish, and efficiency was unparalleled. Maradee and I were able to pin down my personal style and try on a plethora of dresses before my mother came down for a final dress shopping trip to select the dress. By the time my mother arrived, we had narrowed down to three top choices making that shopping trip by far the most fun and the most productive.

As we had such an amazing initial experience working with her, Maradee ended up outfitting our entire wedding party! She worked directly with the groom and the father of the bride to find custom tuxes, advised on the groomsmen, created a cohesive bridal party look book, helped us to find the most amazing Mother-of the-Bride dress, and found my dream reception dress after scouring everywhere.

 She was there every step of the way from selection to alterations, to picking up the different looks to bring to the wedding. It takes a lot of trust in someone to let them be responsible for your entire wardrobe and I had the utmost confidence in her and her team of bridal fairies to make everything perfect.

On the day of the wedding, she was organized and on her game. She and her team steamed dresses, dressed the bride and styled the gown for photographs, and assisted the groomsmen. The groom’s tux had a button pop off at the last minute and she was able to mend it so quickly and seamlessly. She saved the day in a million ways and her presence was constantly reassuring and supportive!

Planning a wedding is a huge process and at times a stressful one, but my entire family looks back on hiring Maradee as the absolute best decision we made out of the entire experience. I give her and her team a million stars and am so grateful to have had their expertise and magic on my side for my wedding!

elizabeth messina photography

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Lindsay & jeremy

Maradee and her team were an absolute dream to have by my side throughout my wedding day. Thanks to them, I felt so content and at ease the entire day. They made sure everything looked and felt perfect for my bridesmaids and myself. From repairing dress straps, to taking care of steaming all garments, removing stains; you name it, they did it all! 

Maradee was my perfect magical fairy throughout the day. I couldn’t have asked for a more kind, helpful, and on top of it individual. Would absolutely 100% recommend Maradee and her team to any bride. They were an absolute dream and made me feel like a total princess!

amy and stuart photography

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Maradee is THE best. I had no idea what I wanted to wear on the day of my wedding and was lost, but also very busy with work and everything to be doing my research. Maradee set up all the appointments with the right people in the industry, had me try on a bunch of gowns, and gave me her professional opinions about what looks good on me vs doesn't (I love that she is just so direct & honest!), she helped me order the gown, tailor it to look great on my body. 

Here's my tip: in addition to hiring her to help you with your wedding day look, hire her to come to your wedding. She was the MVP on that day. She handled all the hiccups with so much grace. I didn't have to worry about anything. I could focus on enjoying the wedding. 

I LOVE Maradee. She is one of the best decisions I have made throughout this wedding process.

Larissa Cleveland Photography

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